Subject: Hong Kong to Vietnam

We, too, found the Vietnamese to be very friendly and open and happy to have us there last fall. We were in Cambodia and Saigon so am anxious to read the rest of your travelogue. Some of us wetn to Hanoi, but we chose the Cambodia trip as long as that country was open during our stopover.

For those of you who anticipate traveling there, we had our pictures developed downtown Saigon at a Kodak place near the Rex Hotel for $3.50, including a book in which to place the photos. This is a one hour photo place.

We also found a shop within walking distance where we purchased screen printed cards and envelopes for 10 cents each. Check them over really well as I think they were seconds, with the ink running through the silk on some of them. No matter, the fronts are great for adorning packages.

Many of the students on Semester at Sea want to return. One of the Senior passengers from Spring '99 is returning next month to teach English in the Mekong Delta and is planning to meet our VN Interport Student, a nice experience for both. The VN student has posted a love leter to those of us who were with her on the Journey from Hong Kong to Saigon. Typical of those who do Semester at Sea, it becomes a mutual ground of deep understanding.

Gretchen Fifer South Carolina