Subject: Italy, Slovenia and Austria, ending in Switzerland

>Hello....Gino my husband and I are traveling to Northern Italy and Switzerland next March 14 th., we would like to hear any advise in regard to the following itinerary
>( which of course could be changed), we are flying to Geneva from US and returning from Zurich to Miami on April 19. I thought you were coming on fall, or I got it wrong?

>I would like to visit the Pavia Carthusian Monastery , Do it! and remember to buy som of the monk's products (herb liquor, teas and else). The castle in Pavia is interesting too. Going down from there, there's another beautiful medieval castle at Torrechiara (near Parma; it was featured in the movie Lady Hawke). From Parma you can go to Lucca either by A12 highway or through Modena and the Abetone mountain pass, a little long but very scenic.

>coming up we will stop in Umbria and Toscana, and then we plan to make a loop >into Slovenia but this is another story, however I will like to hear any >suggestions regarding the itinerary between Slovenia and Zurich. Let me know when you come this way, as I'll leave short before Easter.
>From Slovenia to Zurich you'd cross the northern border into Austria (Klagenfurt or Graz). At the border you need to buy the autobahn vignette, a windshiel sticker allowing transit on highways (about 6$ for one week, I remember). Graz is a very interesting town to spend a couple days; you can then cross the Steyr region on local roads to get to the highway to Salzburg, or you can drive all the highway south to Villach and then north to Salzburg. The city is a must see if you haven't even been there, but it's a place to return too!
>From Salzburg you can drive to Innsbruck and into the Voralberg region on the border with Switzerland, or make a longer swing via Munich and Bayern.

Hope this helps!