Subject: Castle Accommodation in Hungary

My wife and I are making a trip to Italy in June and on the way are making a very quick loop through the Northwest part of Hungary and then on into Slovenia and on to Italy. We have received a lot of information from this group that has influenced our plans. We are most appreciative of this and are very much looking forward to the trip.

We have one night to spend in NW Hungary and are looking at the possibility of staying at one of the castles in this area. We would be most appreciative of any comments/suggestions that anyone in the group would be willing to share. Possibilities that we are trying to gather some information on include the following: Nagycenk, Esterhazy,Jurisics (in Koseg), Vasszecseny(the old chateau and the new chateau)

Would appreciate input/comments on any of the above plus others that you might know about. One of the above, the old Ebergenyi Chateau at Vasszecseny looks very interesting to us however up to this point we haven't been able to find much info on it.

Look forward to your comments.

Thanks Art in Vancouver