Subject: Using an UNTOUR or finding self-catering accommodations on your own??
Gretchen's article about renting flats or houses in Wengen prompts me to ask this: We are thinking about using an UNTOUR (of Media, PA) for a flight/apt./local support packag/ and car or trainpass for a two or four-week stay in Switzerland and/or Italy sometime in the next year or two. This gives certain guarantees and help in case there is anything wrong. While we rent houses and flats a lot in Britain, we have never done so in other places. I know many Ziners have and am wondering which would be the better way to go. I wonder if we are paying a premium for using UNTOUR when we could do it on our own? UNTOUR has a huge loyal following, many of whom have done more than ten UNTOUR-arranged rentals. Any advice? Have some of you used UNTOUR? Considered it but then gone on your own? We would love to return to Wengen or Murren where there are no UNTOUR apts., but realize we might discover other places we love as much. Thanks for your help. Pat in Baltimore