Subject: Re: Weather in Pyrenees - For Susie (and John)
Thanks so much for all of your info. (Who is John??) We are leaving on Wednesday and shall stay in France (at first) because of your recommendation about Spain. We are planning to stay in the Ariège part of the Pyrénées because I think it would be better there. There is hiking around Aulus-les-Bains and (if there is not too much snow, we'll go into the Couseans) If it's bad all over (we'll keep checking weather) we'll just head further northeast into the Cévennes. Thanks again for being so kind. If we get to Bilbao (no reservations, ever, when we go) - would you like to hook up with us for a drink? tapas? dinner? How can we get in touch with you? By for now. Regards, Susie - Newton, MA