Subject: Holland questions and Italy report
First, thank you to all those who helped me plan a wonderful trip to Italy this last fall! We were able to meet Flavio and have a great dinner in Rome and get aquainted. Also, thanks to Marco for his info on MIlan and the area. We traveled to Milan, Belllagio, Florence, Cinque Terra, San G, Sienna and Rome. If I can assist anyone with answers, please feel free to e-mail me, I'd love to help.We went to the Italian Grand Prix, so F1 fans, I'll fill you in!! Second, my 22 year old daughter has just been accepted to a university exchange program at a drama school outside Amsterdam. I hope to go see her in October and would like to converse with anyone who has been to Holland lately and also the close area of Germany, as I think we will plan a long weekend by train into Germany to hopefully experience Oktoberfest. Places to not miss, do's and don'ts, etc. would all be appreciated. Also, would it be easy to get to Denmark for a few days from Amsterdam? That is where my family came from and I still have cousins there I would love to track down. Thank you in advance. Pam C Billings, Montana USA