Subject: Simona and Torino
Dear Simona, thank you very much indeed for your help and for giving me your phone number, I agree it will be better to give you our hotel name once we choose one. I need if possible a little help with the hotel either a nice 3 * or a 4* with a good location:?

That is a place where we can walk around and go to a cafe etc walking.If you know of any one let me know, if not do not worry I shall find out...

Thank you for your information regarding the car, we actually rent a car on every trip, and fortunately we are used to the Italian driving ways having lived many years in Bs As ( and they are really crazy drivers), also Miami is atypical US because there are many Latin-Americans here. All this fuss about my rental was because we would like to do a short visit to Slovenia and rental cars cannot be taken there and I felt a little of a fool having to leave a rented car in the border to rent another or take a train.

After some thought I guess I found a good solution, we will rent in Switzerland (Lugano) and return in Switzerland (Zurich airport upon leaving) to avoid extra charges and get the best possible rate and we will take a train from Geneva to Lyon, Lyon to Torino and Torino to Lugano just to pick up the car spend a day in that beautiful city which I know fairly well and get back into Italy. Slovenia? we shall see.... we shall find a way once there. Your English seems much better than mine!!!!!!!!!! I do not know Italian but speak well Spanish and French and know a lot of Italian words and somehow I am able to communicate with any Italian even if they do not know a word of English which obviously is not your case. Again thank you very much , hope to meet soon......we are looking forward to be soon in Italy which we love . It seems that our oldest daughter Andreina and her husband might join us in Italy for a few days. She will be more your age I am sure, she is an Architect , she needs some relax away from the hard work in Argentina where she lives and may be also a rest from her two young sons (5 and 4) , lovely but you Know, ...a lot of work... As things are now we also need a rest, one of other daughters Joanne left with us her two young children 4 and 18 months and took a week vacation in Baja California thank you again, Graziella Cattarossi