Subject: the Pavia Carthusian Monastery and similar places
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>From: Art Sauder

>I believe you responded to GRACE with some info on this Monastery. I would
>be interested in knowing its location just in case it happens to be within
>range of the route we will be taking. The Certosa of Pavia is located between Milano and Pavia, about 8 km north of Pavia. The church and monastery were built in more than 2 centuries, starting from 1396.

For all of you who are coming to Italy, if you visit one of the major Monasteries, take a look at the small shops who often sell products made by the monks or manufactured according to old recipes. The classic sellings are honey, cheese, spirits (herb liquor, grappa), herb teas, body care products. Try to look at the label just to be sure to buy original products and not industrial imitations.

A few names of places I have personal experience: Certosa di Pavia (of course) Sanctuary of Oropa (Biella, Piedmont) Abbey of Piona (Como Lake) Monastery of Vallombrosa (Florence) Monastery of Camaldoli (Arezzo, Tuscany) Monastery of Fonte Avellana (near Urbino, Marche)

and many more I can't recall now.

Hope this is of some interest.

Paolo Trieste, Italy