Subject: Long trip in Italy
Hello Paolo :-)(in Trieste,) sorry I was a little confused, of course I remember you, I am sure we will meet, we are traveling God willing in March-April ( we bought the tickets), yes I agree that it is important to remember one 's origin, is my husband Gino who is Italian and my children our proud very proud of their origins although they are American Citizens, Joanne for instance and Francesco also from Italian descent last name Molinari, when they married in Miami had the priest say the ceremony in Italian. I regret I do not speak Italian although I understand fairly well....... speaking like Tarzan when necessary I can make my self understand. Did I tell you Gino's family is from Udine?, and he has relatives all over, we are hoping to be able to take Gino's cousin with us into Trieste and Slovenia. A great uncle was a very well know Bishop because he help everybody a lot in the region during the war. We can park the ....#$@^%$ car in her home in Gradisca d'Isonzo and take a train or bus into Slovenia and then we shall see.

I know it looks like we are covering a lot of territory but we have free time and then on the spot we shall adjust according to the weather and how we are enjoying the trip. For some reason we might have to return earlier which is always a possibility. I do hope we can make it to Trieste which will be at the end of the trip.

We are going to pick up the car in Lugano and return it at Zurich thank you for the suggestions you are making they are very good and we shall keep them in mind. See you soon. Graziella