Subject: Re: Holland questions and Italy report
I haven't been to Amsterdam in a year or two but there are a couple of thing I'm sure won't change. If you're going to be in AMS for a week or so the people who sell Eurail used to also sell a transit pass for Amsterdam. For a couple of dollars you get unlimited tram and bus use for a week. If I remember correctly it must be purchased in the US There is a wonderful flea market on Monday mornings at Westerkerk and a restaurant I would recommend is Bojo Indonesian food at reasonable prices. Also if you've never been to AMS the canal boat trips are touristy but interesting.


Pam wrote:
> First, thank you to all those who helped me plan a wonderful trip to
> Italy this last fall! We were able to meet Flavio and have a great
> dinner in Rome and get aquainted. Also, thanks to Marco for his info
> on MIlan and the area. We traveled to Milan, Belllagio, Florence,
> Cinque Terra, San G, Sienna and Rome. If I can assist anyone with
> answers, please feel free to e-mail me, I'd love to help.We went to
> the Italian Grand Prix, so F1 fans, I'll fill you in!!
> Second, my 22 year old daughter has just been accepted to a
> university exchange program at a drama school outside Amsterdam. I
> hope to go see her in October and would like to converse with anyone
> who has been to Holland lately and also the close area of Germany, as
> I think we will plan a long weekend by train into Germany to
> hopefully experience Oktoberfest. Places to not miss, do's and
> don'ts, etc. would all be appreciated. Also, would it be easy to get
> to Denmark for a few days from Amsterdam? That is where my family
> came from and I still have cousins there I would love to track down.
> Thank you in advance.
> Pam C
> Billings, Montana