Subject: Re: Kenya
My husband and I traveled to Kenya and Tanzania several years ago with United Touring Company (UTC). Their web site is: We were very satisfied with this company and found it to be more reasonable than other comparable companies. We had friends in Africa a the same time, but traveling with Abecrombie. They paid almost double to what we did for a very similar itinerary and very similar accommodations and amenities. Try to stay in at least one tented safari camp for a very special experience. We stayed at Larsen#s Camp in Samburu and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, be sure that you visit the villages where the people are living. It#s very interesting! We visited a village in Samburu and another in Tanzania. The only thing we didn#t enjoy was the long, bumpy and very dusty drives across very bad roads. If we return, we#ll try to fly between destinations for at least part of the trip.