Subject: Torino , hotel
Hi Simona, It seems there will a congress in Torino for the week we are going ..... deciding to splurge a little I called the Palace Hotel and the Diplomat Hotel and they were both full so I felt lucky to get a room at the Hotel Due Mondi Via Saluzzo 3 which he tells me is close to the rain\lway station Porta Nova, hope the train from Lyon is arriving there. Now you know where you can reach us, we plan to arrive Sunday March 19 , in the evening from Lyon and stay till the 23 when we will be leaving for Lugano by train connection through Milano... I am looking forward to meet you. The phone at the hotel is 669 89 81. You cannot imagine how trilled we are to visit Torino , at long last, :-) also Lyon is a first for us and they both had been in our list for a long time....sometimes things are prosponed for some reason, but at the end is delicious to fullfil your wish... In Lyon ( March 16,17,18)we will be staying at the Hotel Chateaux Perrache in case you wish to call us there for some reason 04 72 77 15 00. Best regards, Graziella, miami Beach