Subject: Re: Weather in Pyrenees - For Susie (and John)
Covadonga wrote:

>I went this weekend to Jaca, in the spanish Pyrenees, and the only thing I can tell >about the weather and the snow conditions is that everything is gone crazy. We >didnīt make to the ski resorts, but talking to friends it seems as if there is not >enough snow to enjoy the slopes (sorry, John, but last year was really wondeful, >and this one looks very bad),

Oh well, if there's snow to ski on when we're there that will be great. If not, c'est la vie!

Covadonga, I appreciate all the help you've given us regarding our travel planning and hope you'll let us repay you by treating you to dinner or lunch when we're in Bilbao.

Thanks again, John Rule San Diego, CA