Subject: Brussels
The Grand Place is the main square in Brussels, and it is gorgeous. Old Guild Houses ring the cobblestoned square and they are exquisite. I was there once when it had just rained and the street lamps made everything glisten like magic.

Wasn't it Victor Hugo who said the Grand Place was the only place on earth comparable to Chartres? I don't know how true that statement is, since I haven't made it to Chartres yet (however I know that's a very lofty claim for any man to make), but I will agree that it was the most beautiful place I saw in Brussels.

The other great thing about the Grand Place are all the streets and alleys with so many restaurants and cafes. My boyfriend, a friend of ours, and I were starving upon our arrival at the Grand Place and weaving our way through all the aromas and sights of so many world cuisines was irresistable. We had some of the best Greek food I've had since being in Greece there as well.

The great thing about the food scene is that you can really appreciate how Brussels is the headquarters for the EU -- it truly is a European (and world) experience!

Mandy Huffman