Subject: London
I was in London last week for 6 days, courtesy of a $170 round trip ticket from Chicago on Virgin, that I purchased on an internet auction. It was my seventh trip to London in the last year and a half, as my significant other has been working there since September of '98. This was one of the best trips, as the city was almost devoid of the hordes of annoying tourists, and the weather was fairly clear, and consistently in the mid to high forties, which made for very comfortable walking. I ate in a great Burmese Restaurant called Mandalay, near the Edgeware road tube stop. It was inexpensive, delicous, and the owners were very personable and interesting. Also, I went to a great Bengali curry house on Brick Lane in the East End. I missed going to the Havelock Tavern, which is my favorite gastro-pub, but that will be next month's project. Otherwise, I went on some new walking tours that shed new light on familiar ground, and spent my usual afternoon at the V &A. The early spring flowers were already starting to bloom, with crocuses, daffodils, irises, etc. showing up in all sorts of places. My trip next month should time well with some of the peonies and tulips, and the roses are already starting to show new growth, which makes me crave a trip there in May.

Jonathan Chicago