Subject: Solo travellers - Kenya - Egypt - Holy Lands - Rocky Mts.
I'm a single woman and do a lot of solo travelling, but I do use travel agents for parts of the trips, particularly in the MidEast. I literally spend hundreds of hours each year just planning my trips, so when I find a good match in travel agents, I'm glad to pass on their names. I also find it rare to find one that speaks good English and is still a great guide; so that's what makes these special. Plus, all of these had reasonable prices (not cheap though). 1.) Kenya: African Horizons is in New Orleans but her father's been conducting tours for like 30 yrs. over there. Excellent hotels and food, and guides! but still the total wild experience. 2.) Egypt, Jordan, Israel - Petra Moon Tourism - Wendy Botham - The best thing is she LIVES there AND has an email address! Very courteous and knowledgeable and great English speaking guides. 3.) Rocky Mts. (Colorado) - Rocky Mt. Retreats. The great thing is unique themed tours or workshops (a combination of relaxing places to stay and learn something new each day); they treat single people like special people! and help with the itinerary and prices in that regard. My biggest tip is to dress and act conservatively when travelling in the Mid-East and Africa. Actually I do that even in Europe. You'd be amazed at how much more open people are to you, and how much more you see and absorb. Best of luck!