Subject: What weird stuff have you eaten?
Paolo's comments remind me that we ate gazelle in Tanzania -- and it didn't taste just like chicken.

Also, Paolo, rabbit is not weird; I grew up in No. Michigan eating lots of rabbit that my hunting father brought home. It is just that my high school students thought it weird -- I think most Americans probably would eat it; it is available in our supermarkets too--often frozen--and fresh in meat markets. But not horse. If anyone is interested in why northern Europeans and Americans don't eat horsemeat, my medievalist husband tells me that it is because eating horseflesh was a religious act among the Nordic peoples, esp. Icelanders, in the pre-Christian era. When they converted to Christianity they were forbidden to eat horseflesh because that was a remnant of Paganism. Thus, the sort of taboo against eating horsemeat even today at the end of the 20th century (if you go along with the 21st cent. not beginning till next year!) If anyone wants to know more about this, look at the book Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe by H. R. Ellis Davidson. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore