Subject: Re: Maupin Tour Company/Italy ?
Out of curiosity about tour packages, I looked for and found their website and read the description of the Grand Italy Tour. All the hotels look very good. I have stayed at some and have been in some of the others. I especially like the Danieli in Venice, especially if one can get a front room overlooking the Grand Canal.

However, it is a great deal of bus or train time plus a lot of packing and unpacking as it starts with a tour of Milan, goes on to Verona, Venice, then to the other side of the country to Pisa, then to Florence for three nights, San Gimignano after that, continuing on to Siena, Spoleto, then southward Sorrento after those cities, then to Anzio, Rome is next, then Villa d'Este in Tivoli, back to Rome for the night and then to the airport the next day. Whew! That is an awful lot of kilometers to cover in 16/17 days.

What is the all inclusive cost estimate for this tour?