Subject: Re: What Weird Stuff Have You Eaten?
But then again, you have to think about the American mentality in regards to horse meat and rabbit.

Horses are beautiful animals, that a large number of Americans have either had as pets, wanted as a pet, or have used as work animals. To eat one almost seems like killing your dog and eating it.

The same goes for rabbits. To take a cute, fuzzy little bunny rabbit and then kill it and eat it is almost unthinkable for Americans -- especially younger Americans. We had rabbits as pets or we wore them on our baby clothes. Of course, we also have the Easter Bunny to think about as well -- who would eat the Easter Bunny?

The American mentality towards food is often biased towards what we, as Americans, feel is normal and acceptable. We don't allow ourselves to open ourselves up and really experience other cultures because of our own strong Self-Reference Criteria (to quote my international marketing professor -- he would be so proud right now, smiling away). Sure, it's not a logical way to go about things, but who said that we Americans were always logical :-P

If anyone has any other opinions about why Americans find horse and rabbit as weird cuisine, it would be neat to hear them :-)

Mandy Huffman