Subject: weird stuff I have eaten
Hi ziners,

I dont know how weird they may be, definitely different:

Alligator- very tasty (gator bites are common in florida) buffalo- very flavorful and tender kangaroo- tasted a bit like off chicken- didnt care for it wild boar - tastes like pork (George brought some back from a hunt)

George being from a Greek background has been helpful with some exotic (to me) dishes. A couple come to mind...One Easter, his family asked me for dinner and had a traditional soup. Pasckalini Patsa (never mind the spelling) Turns out its made with all the unpleasant parts of the lamb noone will eat. Stomach lining, and other wondrous things. It was great by the way..

Our first date was memorable in many ways. One of them: another greek friend at our table ordered our appetizers. A great delicacy was the lambs eyeballs.............I passed on them..........

Marta &George from Sunrise FL