Subject: Guillermo in NYC
Hi Some days ago, I said I would find the number of a Suite hotel in NYC that could accomodate 4, reasonably. It took me awhile to find it, but I did. This place is called The Riverside Towers and it is at 80 Riverside Drive. They advertise suites for more than 2 people at 100-120 USD. I have never stayed here, nor do I have any connection to the place. It just seems like a good deal for four people in Manhattan. They only list a toll free number, and I don't know if that is good for callers outside the US. The number they list is 1 800 724 3136. They say they will send brochures.

Since I'm the one who brought this hotel up, if anyone outside the US would like to get in touch with this place, I would be happy to call them and get a regular phone number of a fax number. Just e-mail me. Hope this helps. Debbie PS. While Riverside Drive may not be the most central location, the price seems unbeatable.