Subject: Re: What Weird Stuff Have You Eaten?
Dear Peter,

I agree completely. Coming from the South, I've heard many stories about rabbit, squirrel, possum...just about anything that walks it seems. Alligator meat...I enjoyed it immensely. Granted, I've never had squirrel or opossum, but I wouldn't turn down an oppportunity to experience it in a cultural experience. Now going out and hunting them down would be something all together different. Strangely enough, I think I would be more open to trying horsemeat or something like that abroad, much sooner than I would in the US. Maybe it's because I force myself to be open and more accepting and adventurous in a foreign culture moreso than at home where I feel like I know the cuisine already. I don't quite know the psychology behind those thoughts -- or perhaps the logic (and lack thereof).

My statements were not from my own perspective about weird food (just to clear up any possible misunderstanding). But, there are a fair number of Americans who approach cuisine that is in any way different from their own that they have grown up with as weird. I was merely hypothesizing why people find some things weird that are perfectly normal in another region of the US or in another country.

Mandy Huffman