Subject: Swiss trains and Zermat
When people tell you about the trains, you have to realize that they're nothing like American trains or 3rd world countries. They're clean and swift and always on time. and, the ticket agents are extremely helpful and speak English. I bought a week's worth of tickets at one stop because they have a machine that printed out the times and connections right then and there,and you could plot your trip. There's sooo much to do in Zurich, but if you really want to go to Zermatt (and why would you have mentioned it if you didn't want to) then go for it. You can do it; and you might even fit in a day on the Glacier Express (they call it express because it doesn't stop, not because it's fast). It has huge tall windows all around you, as you glide thru the snow covered mountains. But be warned, that most days Zermat is covered with clouds, and the train car that takes you up there is shut down then. The town is gorgeous though. You'd better get a hotel reserved before you leave though. You'll spend a day going there and back,and a day on the Glacier Express. I got a wonderful book at Borders that is nothing but train stops in Switzerland! Wonderful! good luck. Kathleen (Rocky Mts.) PS I was afraid to compare the Alps to the Rockys, but it's like comparing your 2 kids; both are equally GREAT!! in their own way; and actually the same height, but different ground level perspectous.