Subject: sudden fears
Hello! I wanted to share with you all that I have been an avid traveler since I could remember. I have lived in Europe and Japan and now I live in Seattle. My travelling now consists of domestic travel ie: Hawaii, US and Caribbean. I don't find myself overseas often anymore (but will from time to time). Recently you may have heard of an airline crash off the coast of California. Around 50 people from that flight were from Seattle so this area has been hit hard. My husband flys or I fly twice a week because of his new job (he works in Spokane, WA about 270 miles from Seattle) and we fly that same airline (Alaska) that crashed. I flew on Friday, the first time since the crash, and found myself really not wanting to fly at all. The thought of being on a plane for even 2 hours is nerve racking for me. And I don't think it is just nerves because of the recent crash. I just don't want to fly anymore! I used to take spur of the moment trips to Arizona, or California in a moments notice, but I really have no desire now. I have decided not to fly on MD-80's for the time being (the same one that crashed) because there have been several groundings of that series. I know several people who travel a lot who have changed their schedules because of aircraft types also.

I haven't lost my travel bug - just the flying bug. I love to travel!! I was wondering if any of you all have gone through the same thing??? Thanks Kim Hasegawa-Darcy