Subject: Re: What Weird Stuff Have You Eaten?
Like Ed Clancy mentioned, fried grasshoppers (chapulines) in Oaxaca.

In Tijuana there is a restaurant (Cien Aņos) that serves nouvelle Mexican cuisine. A blend of continental, traditional Mexican and pre-Columbian dishes. Among the latter are fried ant eggs and fried maguey worms. Both are served with corn tortillas and guacamole. These condiments mask the flavors of the main ingredients which are virtually flavorless anyway.

Another unusual dish (to foreigners) from Mexican cuisine is huitlacoche, a corn fungus. Like other funguses (mushrooms, truffles, etc.) huitlacoche has a deep earthy flavor. Commonly served as an appetizer mixed with cheese in crepes or tortillas or incorporated into a dark sauce and served over meats.

As far as maguey worms are concerned if you've ever finished a bottle of mezcal you've probably ended up with the worm.

In Hawaii I tried opihi, limpets plucked from rocks at low-tide and eaten right there from the shell. Briny, what else?

Uni- sea urchin roe. These tiny red eggs burst with a powerful salty-sweet flavor when you bite down on them.

Finally, spam musubi. Spam grilled then bundled with sticky rice and wrapped with nori (dried seaweed).

John Rule San Diego, CA