Subject: sudden fears
Actually yes ... Many years ago there were several plane crashes, one after another. It promptly me to get my will done!!!

As an Australian, living in Canada, it does sometimes (albeit fleetingly) cross my mind that something may happen. However, if I dwelt on that thought I'd never go anywhere let alone back to Aust. every year. Let's face it, there is a lot of ocean between the west coast of North America and Sydney and, yes, anything can happen. I do, however, get a bit nervous when there is turbulence, irrespective of how minor.

In the plus side, I do enjoy flying and I'm lucky in that if it is dark outside, I sleep (yes, even across the whole Pacific). It's great when flying to Europe too as will have (usually) had a good night's sleep on the plane so get off ready to go and explore. Also, most of my travelling is done on big planes, i.e., 767s or 747s which have a good track record. The airline companies I fly with are either Air Canada (to Europe or LA); QANTAS or Air New Zealand.

Marty (in Toronto)