Subject: RE: The Riverwalk
Mi Tierra is still open 24 hours to my knowledge. It is also a great place to get sweet rolls to keep in your room for breakfast. Personally, I prefer lunch or dinner at the restaurant next door, La Marguerita, because of its al fresco dining, weather permitting (yes, it does get hot and humid). The two restaurants are owned by the same family, but the menus are a bit different.

If you like jazz, be sure to go to the Landing at the Hyatt Regency if the Jim Cullum band is playing (they are occasionally on tour). They are a world class group playing classic New Orleans and small group Swing. NPR carries their weakly radio show. They are the most important part of any trip to San Antonio for me. They start playing around 8:30 and finish up around 1 am. The first set is very crowded, but the later ones are not. There is a cover, and you can eat dinner there. They also have individuals and small combos, some of whom are with the band and others not, play nearly all day long if you want to sit outside and have a drink. However, the real treat is the band. Their web site is, and it has got links to other activities.

The Hyatt is basically at the center of the Riverwalk so you can't miss it.