Subject: Re: How they cook snake?
Hi all:

There are many restaurants in Thailand that sell foods cooked from wild animals. I anti these restaurants.The example of these animals are

-wild boar - deer - crocodile - turtle - grasshopper - cricket - snake - Bear paw

The famous recipe is snake. The delicious snake is cobra. Customer will stand infront of a cage. There are 10-20 cobras in this cage. Customer choose a snake for his dish. Chef uses a rope to hang the neck of this alive snake.Chef cleans the body of this snake with water and alcohol.Chef stabs a shap knife near the stomuch of the snake and pull out the gallbladder. In a couple of seconds, customer swallows the gallbladder without chewing it .Customer immediately drinks about 20-50 cc. of high grade brandy. They believe that *gallbladder is medicine*,therefore gallbladder is the most expensive part of the snake.

Back to the alive hanging and hurting snake, chef use the same knife to slit from the neck through the tail of the snake. There is a bowl below the tail of this snake. Snake blood pours into this bowl. Customer drinks this blood and follow with high grade brandy.

The snake is now dead. Chef separates the skin and meat. Snake skin is good for making shoes leather, wallet etc., Snake skin will be cooked and served for this customer.

I am just an observer. I am not customer.

How is the bear's paw?

Kai in Bangkok