Subject: RE: sudden fears
Hi, Kim -

It wasn't quite the same what I went through, but once I was suddenly afraid to fly. My (at the time) boyfriend and I were planning a trip to Bolivia for Christmas vacation (1990). As the departure date neared, I found myself, for some unknown reason, CONVINCED that we were going to CRASH, and that I was going to DIE. I really felt that every thing I did in the few days prior to our departure was the LAST TIME I was ever going to do it! I was neurotic about it. When I finally told my boyfriend about my fears, I expected him to tell me I was crazy and that nothing was going to happen. But no - instead, he said to me, yeah, I remember when a plane crashed in the Andes about 10 years ago (it had actually been 20 years earlier) and the survivors were stuck in the Andes for 2 months, and they had to resort to cannibalism! I can't tell you what a basket case I became after that. But I didn't want to back out from the trip at the last moment. We flew with KLM - from Rome, to Amsterdam to the Caribbean to Peru to Bolivia, changing planes each time. By the time we arrived in Amsterdam, my fears had calmed down and I wasn't thinking much about it anymore - until my boyfriend made an intelligent remark. As we walked on the tarmac towards the plane in Amsterdam, my boyfriend commented: A DC-10! Those are the ones that always crash!

That was the only time I was actually afraid. Never happened before, never happened since.

Laurie in Mexico City