Subject: Re:What weird stuff have you eaten?
Hi friends!

I am prone to eating practically anything,but the weirdest stuff I had was a fruit called Durian I tasted in Indonesia.It is mostly appreciated by locals,but a real shock to western palate.It's like a big spiny pineapple(10 inches across),has a horrible smell and (I quote from Indonesia Handbook,Moon Publications)(its)taste has been described as having an odor of onions,garlic,Limburger cheese,and the smell of the beach at low tide...

Yes,we italians eat horsemeat,beef tongue,goat intestine,rabbit tongue and brain,calf kydneys,etcetera,although not everybody eats everything.

I want to suggest you to eat a splendid book on this subject(I read the italian translation,and don't know if the original is still available):

Marvin Harris, Good to eat.Riddles of Food and Culture. Simon and Schuster,New York,1985

It takes a deep sight into historic and economic aspects of eating habits,especially about meat,through the ages and continents;it's never boring,yet.