Subject: Re: What weird stuff have you eaten?

Your reference to storing eggs in water glass piqued my curiosity. Could you describe water glass, or is there another name for it? I was reading a book a couple of years ago about how to build masonry stoves (Kacheloefen), and it referred to using water glass as one of the components in the plaster that is applied to the outside of the oven. Since my retired uncle was a plasterer for many years, I asked him. He said that he had heard of the term, but couldn't place what it is. So I just assumed that it was some kind of mineral that responds well to heat without cracking.

Your reference to the post depression days reminds me of stories that my mother related. You both went to the same school. She recalled eating oppossum and groundhog. Also, an occasional carp could be obtained through a trip to the fishin' hole! If you check out

you will see a picture I posted (circa 1937) of my mother, aunt, and uncle returning from a successful fishing trip! Everyone is smiling, but the carp! I caught one once and ate it just to see if it was as bad as everyone told me. It was alright, but it took some effort to clean it. I believe there is a holiday in Austria when carp is served, and that in preparation for this holiday, the fish are placed in clean fresh water holding streams where they can purge their systems of the mud that they accumulate as bottom feeders. There must be some additional preparation to make this fish taste good enough to deserve a holiday! Isn't gefiltefish made from carp too?

Gary Pennsylvania, USA