Subject: RE: Cell phones and calls to and from Europe
Close, but not entirely correct. GSM phones are prevalent in Europe and Australia. There are around 4 or more GSM phone networks in the US, e.g., Omnipoint, but not many and coverage is limited. Omnipoint can move your SIM chip to a GSM phone that will work in Europe. My friends from England move their SIM chip to an Omnipoint US phone when in the US. The US uses either CDMA or TDMA which as yet is not compatible with GSM. However, hopefully this summer Nokia and some others will introduce for public consumption a technology which allows bridging between GSM and the CDMA and TDMA systems. That would be a godsend for those of us who would like to bring our US phones to Europe. Finally, AT&T will provide you with a phone for use in Europe that uses your US number. Unfortunately, once you pay AT&T's rates you start running out of assets.