Subject: Traveling with a newborn baby
Evan, Hi, I'm Lisa and a new member (just a couple of days actually) and I have 15 month old twin boys. We recently moved back from Rome, Italy and so have lots of experience with traveling with infants (x2!) on long flights. My suggestions: 1. Definitely request the bulkhead seats, it just makes it so much easier, esp. if your using a carseat vs. holding the baby for the flight. The non-bulkhead seats are so close that it's hard to get the baby in and out/strap the seat in,etc. 2. Good idea on buying as much as possible there (diapers,etc.) I just take enough for the flight (anticipating delays). If not breastfeeding though, I would take enough wouldn't want to get there and not be able to find the right brand. If taking formula, the powder worked great for me, then I just mixed on the plane using bottled water. The flight attendants aren't allowed to warm bottles (liability thing I think) but what I did was ask for them to put some hot water in one of the water-proof air sick bags, submerged the bottle for a few minutes then presto!! Sounds gross, but hey with a crying baby(s) you get creative! 3. The restrooms do have changing fold down tables for diaper changes. They do appreciate your taking zip lock bags to place the dirty one in before placing in their trash. 4. Bottle/breast feed during take off and landing to help with ear equilization. Pacifiers don't work because they don't actually swallow anything. I tried to have a bottle ready to go just prior to boarding. 5. Speaking of boarding.....they always allow folks with infants to board first....however....I found it much harder to entertain my two for the wait until everyone else boarded so I'd wait til almost last....Worked great for us.. With a newborn that won't help much since they don't really want to be entertained now, but for future flights that's what worked for me. 6. Stroller....they allow you to do gate to gate checking which I used exclusively. I kept the boys in the stroller until we actually got to the entrance to the plane, then the attendant placed a tag on the stroller for me with ensured that at our destination. I took the babies out and someone would get the stroller and have it waiting at the gate when we arrived. Worked beautifully. 7. Take an extra set or two of closthes for the baby, and an extra shirt (one that you and spouse can both wear) just in case of eruptions in flight. Nothing worse than having to wear a yucky shirt an entire flight! 8. They don't count diaper bags as carryon (at least internationally they didn't) you might check with your carrier. 9. When the baby gets old enough for food, you can request infant meals for the flight! They are Gerber 2nd foods and it was really nice not having to pack anything more than we had to. 10. We chose not to use any medications to help the babies sleep, they did fine just with the rumble and vibrations of the plane. 11. Get a picture, one of my favorites of the boys is on their first trip to Rome being held by the flight attendants!! Neat momento of the first flight Plus save the ticket stubs for the baby book. 12. When all else fails, remember, everyone else on the plane has been in your shoes so don't sweat it and have a wonderful trip!! Hope this helped a little! Have fun!!! Lisa in Nashville, TN