Subject: Verona, Italy
Some more thoughts on Verona:

I think that the Veronese make some of the best food in Italy. If your visit doesn't include a restaurant stop, try and eat a pastry or some other food. The quality of food in Verona is very high, including quick sanwiches and pizza.

Since everyone stops at Juliet's balcony, the Roman arena, the Piazza delle Erbe, and Scaligere tomb, I will list some other favorite Verona sites and moments.

A few quiet moments in the Piazza dei Signori are wonderful.

Verona has great shops and for fashion and ambience, late afternoon strolling and shopping are loads of fun.

I like Juliet's tomb, even if it may not really be Juliet's tomb. The old church and grounds where the tomb is located are also lovely, and comparatively quiet, since they are just outside the walls of the old town, and lots of tourists don't seem to get there. People leave special intention notes, for love, and it is charming.

There are several great vistas from the banks of the Adige, and it's bridges. The Roman theater and its grounds are very attractive, and looking across the river at the Roman theater is a nice sight.

For the passagieta (sp?), the most beautifully dressed children and toddlers congregate along with their parents at the Piazza Bra. It is something to see. I think Verona is full of sights like this.

I hate to generalize, but I will. I like the Veronese. Many of them seem elegant, well-mannered, beautifully dressed, and friendly on top of all that. This is based on only a few visits, but that is my experience. There is also a thriving gay scene (although perhaps not for women), which speaks of a certain liberality in the atmosphere of the town that I enjoyed

Writing this makes me want to revisit Verona soon. It is really a wonderful town. Hope this helps Debbie