Subject: Re: Amsterdam Help Please....
Hi Mollie,

We chose the hotel location from using two souces: The Eyewitenss Guide to Amsterdam and also Accomodations Guide to Holland, 1999 Amsterdam Hotels, which I obtained through the following website:

After choosing several hotels that were located where we thought we wanted to be, we searched this website and eventually booked through them.

However, you may want to use your travel agent in the beginning as she has the most knowlege and expertise in obtaining reservations. Perhaps it was that we are going during the Tulip Festival that we had such a difficult time.

We had stayed in Amsterdam before, near Vondel Park, but found that, while the location was lovely, the distance to the sights was a long walk or an expensive bus/taxi ride. This time we wanted to be in a downtown location.

You will get a lot of great help from the Ziners, and all their suggestions to me were great.