Subject: Greece, fares, tapes & phones
Hi all, I got this update from Matt Barett's newsletter. Thought it could be helpful: If you compare their prices with those you have been getting from other agents and even the airlines I think you will find them much cheaper.

The Simple Greek for Travelers Tape by Maria Venakides is worth much more then the $10 cost of the tape. You can order on-line at or you can send a check for $10 plus $2 shipping and handling to: Greece Travel Tape 102 Old Pittsboro Rd Carrboro NC 27510

Travel Phones If you want to be reached in Greece or stay in touch with people at home, your travel agent etc then think about buying a cell phone. For $150 you get a phone, fully programed with your frequently called numbers, answering service, travel agent, charged and ready to go, plus $20 of outgoing calls. Even after you use up the outgoing calls you can still receive calls for free. Your phone is delivered to your hotel or the airport and you can sell it back when you leave for $50. (They don't work outside Greece).

Why do I recommend it? First of all because the hotels charge a fortune for calls and if you want people to call you you have to be in your room at a specific time. Second because the pay phones are a pain to use. Third because it's fun. Whenever I get a call from home the first thing I say is Guess where I am right now!!! I can be on a mountaintop, on Paradise Beach, drinking ouzo in a seaside cafe.....Yes, they work on all the islands too. For more information see Its handy since we're going this Spring. We are looking into getting the phone, for sure. Marta &George in Sunrise FL