Subject: Veronese
Maybe it shouldn't be my business to reply to you, Paolo, who are a co-moderator of this list, on this topic, but I absolutely want to tell you that IMO you are well inside the track,and I'm happy to see that Debbie shares the same opinion.

On my side,I may add that, apart from beating and burning immigrants, which is of course not everyday's news, many fellow north Italians just don't care of the lives of these poor guys, or even of less lucky south Italians or more in general, like Paolo said people who don't fit into their models. Understanding or appreciating cultures different from our own is one zillion miles away from the interests of most people.

I think that selfishness and too much money can be the real great disease of this turn of the century for our societies.Let's all struggle against it. I know well, on the other hand, that this cancer is not limited to northern Italy, but we imported it quickly and the more the level of wealth of our country rose, the more we boosted the intensity of these bad feelings.( BTW,I'm afraid that even the few wealthy areas scattered in southern Italy have learned well the lesson).

Apart from the attitude towards poor people, one of the typical marks of the new riches is the way they can sport their last vacation in one of the tourist's meccas,the costlier the better (generally mispronouncing the names of the places they were in); they usually talk very loud when talking about their vacation, so that more people can hear them.

What about this topics in other countries? Is there a difference in the ethics of wealth depending on religious beliefs of the majority? And what are Ziner's thoughts, as tourists, about the attitude of people in poor vs. rich countries they have visited?

Uf,I hope I myself didn't go off the track, and also sorry for not being able to put into good English all the nuances of what I would say. Have a nice day, Leonardo Besana Brianza,wealthiest area of Italy