Subject: Northern Italians
Andy, You don't need to fear anything but, if you're a true traveller like many on this list, you'll probably be interested in what happens around just a few steps away of the old churches, the ancient ruins and the breathtaking scenery. I do not hate rich, conservative or Veronese; if there's hate against something it belongs to the other part. I didn't want to start a flame or try to make a revolution by the Travelzine: my comment to Deb was just pointing out the difference between how it looks and how it is.

If I come to New York and I look at Park Avenue people and praise them, some of you could very well remind me that's not NY, but just a part of it, as many other ones like Chinatown, Harlem or the Bronx. Some time ago, on another list I suggested to give candies to begging children in Africa or Asia, but someone pointed out that teeth decay is a big problem in Thirld World countries; it was a good lesson for me even if I was inspired by good intentions. One last example: a colleague of mine returned from a trip to South Africa and told us laughing the funny jokes his white guide made about the black bus driver and servants. If someone maybe had pointed out to him the hidden side of the issue, maybe his travel would have been worth more. Bye Paolo