Subject: Heathrow & Gatwick Layover
Regarding the Gatwick layover, you may want to refer to the recent thread on travel between Heathrow & Gatwick. I once had a 6 hour layover at HEATHROW and managed to squeeze in a tour of the Tower of London, lunch at a pub, & a quick walk in Picadilly Circus. Plenty of time to spare before my connecting flight and it helped with jet lag to be walking about in the sunshine - yes, it does exist in London ;)

Heathrow airport has a tube (subway) station by which I was able to get to the above places. I don't know about Gatwick. I believe it may be further out, so your memories of an hour long drive in traffic may be correct. But with 7 hours a quick look & a meal should be possible - Erina in Reston, VA