Subject: Milan, Lake District & Italian itinerary
Hi Debbie, Yes, from Milan to S. Margherita it is only 2 hours by train. From Milan there are direct train about every 2-3 hours to S. Margherita (it dipends from the day time). It is easy travel along the coast (S. Marcherita, Rapallo, Cinque terre, ...) by public transports (train and/or bus).

In this season lake distrect is borning for the new season, everything is fresh and green and there are not many tourist. You can get to the main town by train (Arona, Stresa, Laveno, Luino on the lake Maggiore; Como, Varenna, Bellagi (by ferry from Varenna) on the lake Como; Sirmione on the Garda lake). You can olso do some great one day trips from Milan (Pavia, the Carthusian of Pavia, Bergamo, Mantova). Do you have read my report about Milan ? If no, ask me a copy, there are reported the one day trips.

Another good reason to choice Milan if because we can have a gtg with Simona in Turin too! :))

About the weather, it have been very dry during winter so that it'll rain a bit during spring (in Milan it haven't rained since end of December!). :(

Debbie, Find enclosed some itinerary along Liguria and lake district that I wrote for another traveller [Moderator: See messages 4798 & 4799] Ciao, Marco in Milan (Italy)