Subject: Deb--Useless points?
Hi Deb, and all other Ziers,

Deb, first, I am glad you have gotten your dilemma resolved. It may not be your first choice, but it will do, under the circumstances. I have dealt with US Airways and have had the same results you are encountering--good and bad. The truth always helps one make decisions, I have found.

As for those unwanted and/or unneeded points--you can donate them to Make A Wish Foundation. We have done that with about to expire points on other airlines.

I do not know the specifics of this organization, but I do know of one situation where this group sent a patient of mine (while I was still working) to Disney--the whole family went at no cost to themselves--air, hotel, car, and a meal allowance and a resaonable of spending money.

My patient, an almost five year old, died ( of cancer) two weeks after she returned from this great trip. Her parents were able to purchase a video camera from other donations so they will have a lasting memory of a week at Disney.

Donate those miles to a worthy cause of your choice!