Subject: Re: Passion Play -- translations??
Dear Pat,

The host of my 1990 Oberammergau group just addressed the translation problem in a talk to my 2000 group. Here's a short excerpt from Father Ray's talk, Before attending the Play, I was concerned that the play was in German.. There is an English translation of the play script but you can't look at the book and what's going on the stage at the same time. When you see what is taking place on the stage, you will know what is happening. You can feel the impact of the story, the costumes, scenery, &music are so breathtaking. Reading &knowing the Four Gospels is the best preparation for understanding &enjoying the Play.

I definitely agree with Fr. Ray. You want to be enveloped by the experience, not sitting there with a play scipt in your hand. It's great to purchase one, tho, for later reference.

Carol Bailey Madras, OR High desert country