Subject: Re: Savannah/Charleston
Charleston is one of our favorite places. Just last week we flew down Sunday afternoon and back Monday afternoon - no, we're not extravagant, just can fly free to this lovely town. We have stayed in the beautiful downtown area before, but this time stayed in an inexpensive motel near the airport. It was easy to drive downtown and park and enjoy walking around. A place everybody knows about that is touristy but good and fun is Hyman's Seafood. Free boiled peanuts (definitely an acquired taste, I think. Lots of brochures and hotels have coupons or cards for a free crab dip. The tours of the city are definitely worth it. The gardens should be fantastic when you're there. The wisteria was blooming when we were there in early May one year. The waterfront garden/park is nice, with spacious swings on the pier. We were swinging after dinner, and there were dolphins frolicking in the harbor. Our 2 year old granddaughter insists that it was Ariel, the mermaid, who came to see her:) The homes along the battery, and in the streets perpendicular to the park, are full of hidden treasures. As Gretchen said, you can walk in and enjoy the gardens if the gate is open. Have a great time! Anne in Virginia