Subject: Re: Charleston/food update
Hi Marty,

Just perused the website Ruth Marie sent and have some suggestions/remarks. I forgot to mention Saffrons and it is good, The Market Street Bistro was the one that closed that we loved. We also love Indian food, but Taste of India was awful. The Baker Cafe was one of our favorites in years past. We looked for it last year and could not find it, but it was listed in Charlestons's White pages--on the 'net, so don't know anything for sure.

No matter what, you can eat. If all else fails and you can get room #5 at the Market Street Inn there is a refrigerator (and a stove) and you can picnic your way through Charleston. The Harris Teeter grocery store on East Bay (does not have a sign) will be your salvation. It may be ours for Spoleto when the crowds are huge and we don't have rooom # 5 this time--a cooler will have to do. Charleston is worth it.