Subject: Cancun and area
Hi Cathleen One can certainly find much to do outside of Cancun. Actually, I have never been INSIDE Cancun, but both my brother and I have toured the surrounding area and can give you some tips. (I also have a friend who travels to Cancun regularly, and he loves the attractions inside the city, including restaurants and shopping. Of course, if you go to an all inclusive, restaurants won't be an issue.)

Great Mayan Ruins: Tulum..................very easy to get to Uxmal Chichen Itza (please ignore all spelling mistakes)

Other places: Cozumel Isla de Mujeres

Just a start

But from what I hear, you can be prepared to be in a city when you are in Cancun. There is traffic, and a huge number of large hotels, resorts, condos, time shares, etc.

I've not been to an all inclusive resort in over 20 years, but if I were going, I would choose one that had daytrips available. That way you get all the convenience of an all-inclusive, as well as the option of leaving the beach.

I am sure that there are Ziners that know much more about this area than I do, but I wanted to put in my two cents. ;-)