Subject: Re: Oaxaca
I must have missed the beginning of these questions about Oaxaca. Sally is right -- it is a wonderful city. It is in a valley, with Indians from several different cultures coming into the city to sell and buy. You could spend hours in the market. When we were there we heard marimba music every night in the main square.

There are several towns with 20-30 minutes driving distance. Each is interesting and focuses on one particular type of craft, whether it is Zapotec rugs, wood animal figurines or ceramics. There are some famous Mexican craftspeople in the area and you will be able to meet and speak with them.

The ruins are great too and you will probably find students there who will volunteer to tell you about what you are seeing. The Day of the Dead celebrations are also interesting, and different from what you might find in Michoacan.

There is not that much go, stand by the side of the road and take a picture here. The fun requires a little more work. We spent 5 days here and did not think it was enough.

Ed, still in KC