Subject: Re: Paris Restaurant Lingo
Many restaurants offer fixed-price menus of different quality, i.e. the cheapest has probably a day soup and some simple main course like chicken, the medium priced has appetizers, soup and an important main course, while the most expensive can be a really gourmet dream! Food quality in Paris is good everywhere; the price usualy includes tax and service but not the beverages, except in some places where the menu shows what you can drink for the price (i.e. half bottle of champagne).

For a cheap lunch order the day's special at a bistrot or small restaurant; ethnic restaurant are usually cheaper. The brasseries can range from moderate (for day's suggestion) to expensive (if ordered a-la-carte); the well known restaurants are always expensive(I guess 300ff or 45 usd IS expensive for Canadian standards too!). A cheap suggestion are the creperies (think you know the word, sort of pancake filled as you like) and the deli shops.

Bon appetit Paolo