Subject: Re: European Tour
Dear Bill and Lynn,

Research the trip as if you were traveling independently. You will be covering a lot of ground in 18 days. Arrange your plane travel so that you arrive in London at least one day early and remain in Paris at least one extra day. Go to your public library and take out various guidebooks. Curl up with guidebooks at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders. Travel light. Before you leave get Cheat Sheets from Get most of your cash from ATMs making sure that your pin number is 4 digits. Wear a moneybelt with your passport, plane ticket, credit card, ATM card and any other valuables. There is not a city in the world that doesn't have someone trying to make an easy haul from a distracted tourist. Eat like a native. Comfortable shoes are your most important possession. Team up with another couple, buy a bottle of wine and take a gondola ride in Venice. In Italy, try all the gelato you can, especially Vivoli's in Florence (near San Croce). Write a travelogue when you get back. Have a cup of coffee for me in each city.

Barbara in Connecticut (who takes tours also)