Subject: One day in Venice
If I had only one day to spend in Venice, I'd head for San Marco first - visit the cathedral, and then have an outrageously expensive cappucino at one of the bars on the piazza. Then I'd wander. Just go where the spirit moves and stop to see whatever comes your way. The signs painted on the buildings directing you to ferrovia, Accademia, San Marco, Piazzale Roma, Rialto, etc. are accurate. You can't really get lost if you follow the signs when it's time to go back to your group. There is so much to see in Venice that one day doesn't scratch the surface. Just get a bit of a feel for it, and plan another trip immediately.

I love the church on Torcello, but it's a long trip there and back and the boats don't run all that frequently. You could find yourself spending most of the day there and missing the city itself.

Callie in New Orleans