Subject: Re: Boston Logan Airport

when you arrive, follow the signs all the way to the baggage claims. once you're in the big room where the luggage carroussels are, ask somebody (either the info desk inside or the cab/shuttle drivers that are just outside) for (a) the location of the shuttle stop; it should be within 50 mt. and (b) which of the shuttles you must take. then you just wait for it and hop on, they come every 10 mins in my experience. the ride is free. when you get to the terminal you want, you'll still be in the lower level of the terminal (arrivals) so you may have to go upstairs to catch the next flight.

buon viaggio, Alex

Paolo wrote: has anyone personal experience about arriving on international flights at Boston Logan Airport? I wonder because I couldn't find on the airport website detailed informations on transit, as my flight arrives at terminal E and the connection departs from terminal C. It looks like the only transportation is a shuttle bus outside the buildings. Is this correct? Many thanks for your help.